When you need information, advice, or support for better animal treatment, we’re here to help.

While we do not run a shelter and are not a rescue organization, we work towards our goals in other ways – through legislation, education, and public outreach. The following resources are some of our best tools in creating a more just environment for Saskatchewan’s animals, and in turn, ensuring a better future for all.

Animal Care

Pet Care

Find out how to best care for and treat your domestic animals, ensuring a long and happy life.
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Farm animals are a staple of Saskatchewan life – and they are worthy of humane treatment, too.
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Emergency Planning

Ensure your animals’ welfare can be maintained when disaster strikes by planning ahead for an emergency.
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Learn how to mitigate the effects of COVID transmission while providing proper care for your animals.
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Animal Welfare

Report Animal Cruelty

Find hotlines and online reporting tools to help animals in need of extra protection and care.
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See past legislation regarding animal treatment, and read upcoming proposals and changes to established laws.
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Animal Welfare Organizations

A list of organizations that can assist with animal rescue or other interventions.
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The Link

About The Link

Find resources, studies, and support on the link between domestic violence and ongoing animal abuse.
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Animal Safekeeping

Here is useful information about where to keep animals safe in a situation involving domestic violence.
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A site exploring the relationship between animal abuse and interpersonal violence.
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